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I still wear your heart around my throat. . .

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11/27/04 04:45 pm

Bila BonG562: i hate babysitting
PrettyWhnSedated: fuck
PrettyWhnSedated: i make more money whoring off my ass hairs for rogaine in an hour than you do in a week

11/27/04 09:26 am

new journal....


i fucking hate you.

11/26/04 10:32 pm

Tonight, was my first date with hannah. it was wonderful. she makes me happy. ill write more later.
here is a poem. it sucks. oh well. i had to write something.
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11/25/04 07:36 pm

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11/22/04 09:20 pm

on this highway,
there are no exits
to the safer heaven.
and the mistress
that you believed in,
was just a saturday night dream.
my eyes hazed in this romance
of plastic and humility.
flickering flourescent light bulbs
line the operating room
where she lay in cold slumber
for the final countdown
to sweet eternal sleep.
but outside of the hospital
was a collision course set for
love and hate.
the winner of this competition
gets to decide his or her own fate.

11/18/04 11:58 pm

November 13th and 14thCollapse )

11/12/04 01:25 am

"It doesn't have to be true that men and women waste their lives away working to serve the hollow greed of a few rich men, just to survive."

11/7/04 07:17 pm

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11/2/04 10:49 pm

hell yes for today. it was great. i slept until about 9:30 and kinda just layed around, then i called jess and we planned out what was going on. i ended up falling asleep again til one o'clock. it was sweet. i took a shower and then jess got here. we watched aaahh! real monsters. that show is the biggity-bomb (chappelles show). oh yeah and she burnt me Dear Catastrophe Waitress by Belle and Sebastian, so that was sweet too. we watched this movie called Waking Life. i'm not quite sure what it's true meaning and or message is, but it talks a lot about dreaming and what happens to your conscience after you die. it's very interesting. say you doze off for a few minutes and wake up. you might have a dream that seems like hours. and it's proven that when you die, your brain is still actice for 7-12 minutes or however long it is. so if a few minutes could be a short dream, could 7 minutes be an entire life time? i have no idea what i'm talking about haha. all i know is that i'm learning more on that and watching Waking Life over and over tomorrow. jess's mom came and got us and we went to her mom's boyfriends house, then to hers and waited for kayla to get there. her mom is soooo crazy!!! she was like "one thing youll learn is that youll either take off your shoes in my house, or ill break your nuts." i was thinking "jesus christ, woman!" but i was polite and just took them off. haha. me, jess, and kayla went to the wine basket and got potato wedges. soooo good. jess's mom wouldnt let her and kayla go to the show, but me and alex went. when we got there i saw pete and the band and we hugged. john was there. that was cool. watched this band called The Winston Jazz Routine. they were really good. they're like electronic indie/pop. very relaxing. after that we ended up finding out that a public hanging and gauge wouldnt be playing because andrea, the girl that booked the bands, put like 7 bands to play. 7 bands cant play from 7-10pm. thats just common sense. we got our 5 bucks back though. that was good. like everyone left cuz they only came to see those bands it was funny. and the best part of the whole situation was that pete invited us to go bowling with them! it was so sweet. im glad they're such nice guys. john ended up not being able to go, which sucked. i had to sit on alex's lap in anthony's car it was sweet haha. we bowled like 8 frames before jim came. it was still really fun. met some awesome people and had a great time. if only jess would have been able to have gone..
tomorrow is school and yeah. no greg anymore. *tear*


11/1/04 06:21 pm

what's right for me
is right for me.
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